Inner Ear announces the release of the new album of Mikael Delta, entitled “Life Is Now”.
In “Life Is Now” contemporary electronic composition goes hand in hand with neo-romantic style through ambient paths that lead to a refined soundtrack, which reflects the relationship of the artist with the urban landscape. From the immersive stillness and minimalism of the piano and the classical beauty of strings to the restless beats of the synthesizers, the journey is long and the images and feelings change as the sounds move inwards and outwards, creating a unique atmosphere, intimate and unfathomable at the same time.
“Life Is Now” consists of 11 instrumental tracks composed, arranged and produced by Mikael Delta. Featuring: Nikos Veliotis (cello), Hristos Lainas (guitars, metallophone) Stavros Parginos (cello).
The album is out on special limited edition LP, CD and digital album via Inner Ear and is distributed in Europe via Rough Trade Distribution.

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