(Happy Crasher)
180g black vinyl, 500 κόπιες

TimeMazine #6 (Review of LP release)
I have lusted for this debut album since 1995 when Stash handed me a ‘demo’ of his band The Screaming Fly, formed back in 1992. The band acts as a power trio with Stefanos on guitars and vocals, Stash on bass and C.L. on drums and they are into a psych-rock style of music with a dark punkish attitude that does not hesitate to experiment in other keys.. Album starts rather dark with the torturous ‘’Here before’’.’’Skeleton’’ is a catchy up- tempo tune with powerful drumming, ’’Anyway’’ melts The Wipers with The Radio Birdman with an excellent guitar playing. The band becomes heavier on ‘’In Your Head’’ and even more faster on the wah-wah ‘’Stranger To You’’.’’Sucks’’ is a punkish a-la Dead Moon angry tune and the maximum Rock n ‘Roll continues… ’’Leave You Behind’’ is a heavy psycher and on ‘’Real’’ this is where the band becomes psychedelically stoner! ‘’Spacefly’’ is a Kyuss/Hawkwind influenced instrumental and the album closes with my favorite track, ‘’Mushroom’’, a heavy wild psychedelic up-tempo that becomes really spacey towards its end. Cool & heavy…

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