The Callas are back with their new album “Half Kiss Half Pain”, produced again by Jim Sclavunos, after their very successful cooperation in their previous album, “Am I Vertical?”.
Polyrhythmic music, post punk bass lines, sharp guitars, no wave outskirts, doubts flashing rhythmically, urban psyche complexes, but also tunes with Mediterranean aroma compose the multifaceted music profile of “Half Kiss Half Pain”.
10 tracks with references and influences that are just as varied and paranoid, as they include elements from: Syd Barrett, “Night of The Hunter”, Mike Kelley and Sonic Youth, eggs, pasta and hot dogs, fairy tales with speaking plants, the erotism of Bataille and the sensuality of Balthus, Nouveau Roman and oriental exoticism.

The Callas are Aris Ionas, Lakis Ionas, Chrysanthi Tsoukala and Marilena Petridou.
“Half Kiss Half Pain” is out on vinyl and digital album from Inner Ear.

“As multi-media artists and filmmakers, they approach music making from a very different perspective than the average musician and come up with some quite unexpected results. The sonic palette of the new album is diverse and exploratory, with songs that range in style from dreamy subversive pop to brutal post-punk skronk to deconstructed rebetiko.”

2015, Jim Sclavunos.

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