B-otherSide Records proudly presents to the music lovers, the United Lovely Sounds, after eight years of numerous investigations and excavations at friend’s files, collectors archives, magazines but also from the same band’s members files.
This LP contains 7 songs, 4 from the unreleased band’ s EP Single (1966) and three even earlier (1965), which were found in a tape in Switzerland,along with a rich photographic material and the lyrics of the songs, which were included in a four-page insert. The album cover has been rely on the original cover of the single and because the band having their music influences from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Shadows and Byrds, they move completely into the sound of 60’s garage-punk, creating their own original and melodic songs. Restoration of audio and mastering of vinyl was made by Yiannis Kyris, guitarist of the ULS and sound engineer.
The release complements an inner black-white poster by photographer of Modern Rhythms Kostas Tselios, in a composition that was specially made for the band in order to use it as a poster concert, which was restored and printed in actual size A3 in 300 copies.
The released has come in 300 numbered copies, the first 150 in yellow vinyl and with original signatures of the four members of the group on the poster and the remaining 150 in the classic black vinyl.

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