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2013 (DISKEX1 – LP+CD+download card)

We could say that THE VOYAGE LIMPID SOUND occupy a special place in the Greek rock discography. And this is a notion well known to those who have followed their, almost underground, 13-year record making and their live happenings.
Basically, TVLS are the Masters of microcosm crafting.

“Nightly Sing Songs” is the new microcosm of TVLS.Officially their third (eighth, including the unreleased) record, NSS is a concept album of a song-cycle based on a surreal, social parable with an unlike for the Voyage back to basics approach. It was recorded mainly live in the studio, on tape, in order to capture the earthly, organic feel of “Nightly Sing Songs”. The rare, highly melodic nature of NSS, paying its dues to the song writing o Franz Schubert and Hugo Wolf, through the progressive sonic landscapes of Brian Wilson and the Pink Floyd, and the wickedly twisted humour of the text compose a secretly lit music vesper.

The Voyage Limpid Sound are without doubt part of the rock intelligencia.”Nightly Sing Songs” is the first wide open window to the magical  World of The Voyage Limpid Sound. The Voyage Limpid Sound’s first LP, ” Electronically Enhanced Dream”, released
in 2001, is now considered to be one of the best Greek psychedelic records of the last 20 years.

voyage limpid sound
500 pieces limited deluxe thick carton paste-on cover Τhe package contains a CD of the album and a download card.


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