Two and a half years after the release of their first album “Paranoika-Paranoika”, Agoriastonilio are coming back with their second album, “The emperor of the claptrap”.
The band, having forged its coherence in a number of live appearances around Greece, managed to force its “Parkin” one step further. The name they gave themselves to the sound they create. An explosive mix of punk, rock, metal influences that drifts several times on disco and other various dance music genres. All this, always filtered under the avant-garde aesthetics of the band.
The album includes 8 great and loud tracks that each one has something different to state. Different styles of music alternate from one song to other. All this are happening without disturbing the coherence and unified aesthetics of the album.
As for the lyrics of the album, sometimes are personal, sometimes social/political and other times completely surreal.
Half of the album was recorded live in the Agoriastonilio personal studio. The recording was completed at Artracks Recording Studios by Alexis Bolpassis and mixed by Giorgos Priniototakis.
“The Emperor of the claptrap” is released by B-Otherside Records in vinyl format. It has been printed in 200 numbered copies, of which 100 will be offered for sale in the stores and the other 100 will be sold by the band in their live appearances.
Agoriastonilio however, remain faithful to their point of view for free music distribution, have uploaded the entire album on their official youtube channel, as well as on their bandcamp page where you can download it for free or donate whatever you please.
The Greek-speaking hard sound came back … and came to stay…

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