It’s been two creative years for Pavlos Pavlidis & B-Movies since the release of the album “Ιstories Pou Isos Ehoun Simvi”. Always on time with their appointment with spring they are back with their new album “Ston Diplano Ourano”.
The 11 songs on the album were recorded in 2013 and 2014 in Athens and Thessaloniki and are already loved by the loyal audience of Pavlidis thanks to his countless concerts that took place throughout Greece during this time. In the production of the album Pavlos Pavlidis has collaborated for the first time with Coti K.
Being the most mature and confessional album of his discography, “Ston Diplano Ourano” reflects the inner world of its creator with honesty and simplicity. His music is so enjoyable that it is hard to reach its dark heart. Travelling melodies emerge through simple arrangements, while the characteristic singing of Pavlidis falls over the soundscapes like a quiet rain of words. Lyrically, the naturalism of Pavlidis is generously spreading its branches in a parallel universe that blooms beside us and is waiting to be explored.
“Ston Diplano Ourano” is out on cd and digital album in May and on vinyl in July 2015 via Inner Ear.

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