“Bahar” is the ultimate musical expression of contemporary multicultural identity. It is a musical journey that begins from the soil of the Balkans, opens up into the big blue of the Mediterranean, to end in the trails of the East. The inspired compositions are by Makis Ablianitis. It is music shed by the sun of the Mediterranean.
The deep melodic voice of Manolis Lidakis, graces the two songs of the album. Poetic lyrics performed by the best Greek male vocalist.
The album also features four very prominent artists:
Hariprasad Chaurasia, the greatest Indian flutist, internationally acclaimed, known for his collaborations with Ravi Shankar, John McLaughlin and Jan Garbarek, among others Dragan Dautovski, the kaval and gajda virtuoso from FYROM Haig Yazdjian, the great Armenian oud player Petros Tabouris, the Greek canun virtuoso
In times when the borders of nations are falling and a new cultural identity is emerging, “BAHAR” takes on the role of the sound sample of this new culture. A sound that respects the diversities and individualities of the cultures that comprise this album, but at the same time is the median that presents us with a contemporary musical direction.

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