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B-otherSide records presents the complete discography of Nicolas Asimos, which was released by himself in 8 “illegal” cassettes, that will be released on vinyl album with original artwork and will contain a cd. The audio editing and mastering of the original bobbins undertook John Kyris, highlighting the sound to a very high level. Each version will be issued in 400 numbered copies (170 colored and 230 black), which will contain an insert with the lyrics of the songs and with the release of the first four albums, there will be 50 caskets with extra material. This will be his book “Anazitontas Krokanthropous” (Seeking for Krok people) with the original artwork and 2 cd’s which include all the KROK gig which took place at Sousouro Club at December of 1979. Finally, at the second cd, there will be a 26 minute track, which is a sound document for the making of from Asimo’s recording sessions by his soundengineer Stelios Logothetis.
The fourth album to be released is “Klaste eleftheros”, the third of the triple cassette release entitled “Triple cassette mpella with no label”, which was originally released in 1979. This album contains, for the very first time, hit songs from Nikolas Asimos discography, like Panigyri (The festival) and Fanari ( The light beacon).

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