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The Rabbits (of Rhodes) are pioneers of the garage rock sound in Greece, by their first recordings , back to 1965, which were released at 1966. Fifty years after their first record, B-otherSide Records/ Lost Archives sublabel, proudly presents 450 hand numbered vinyl copies , (250 in black color and 200 in orange color) which contains 15 unreleased tracks, and comes with a 6-page insert, with lyrics, photos and band’s biography at greek language and English translation. From this copies, the first 46 come in a special hand made Box Set which contains bonus material, an 8-page book with the memories from the group’s founder John Rabbit Charalambides, extra photos and documents from that era , plus a cd with 24 tracks , from which the 9 tracks can’t be found on the vinyl album. The diligence for this album was made by the Rabbits and the album mastering was made by Yannis Kyris.
You can check the Rabbit’s sound here:

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