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NZG -002
transparent vinyl

With Andi Sex Gang (of legendary Sex Gang Children) to welcome us to the Circus of Tortured Melodies, the tour begins in the13th Tent of the Circus. Each one of these tents hides a different story which, most of the time, opens the way to the next one. Other times, however, it is completely independent.

These are songs about our unfulfilled dreams, the emotional insecurities of modern man, political developments, the manipulation of the family environment, role models of our society, over-consumption, the compromises that we make, and the destruction of our planet.

In a nutshell, Circus of Tortured Melodies presents the complexity of modern life by tracing the sources of modern neurosis.

New Zero God is:

Mike Pougounas [vocals, keyboards, tambourine]
Akis Nikolaidis [electric guitar, acoustic guitar, b’ vocals]
John Psimopoulos [drums, b’ vocals]
Michalis Semertzoglou [bass guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, b’ vocals]
Babis Efthimiou [drums, programming, b’ vocals]

Guest Appearances By: Andi Sex Gang [Ringmaster], George Katsanos [keyboards], Nikos Skiadopoulos [harmonica], Michael Clayton [b’ vocals on “Be Yourself (Cause Everyone Else Is Taken)”, man on “Charlie Boy”], Lara McElligott , Shaun Histed-Todd [man on “Evolution”].

Produced By: Babis Efthimiou and Mike Pougounas

1 What’cha Gonna Do?
2 Be Yourself (‘Cause Everyone Else Is Taken)
3 Dirty Little Secrets
4 Hell Bet on Me to Lose
5 Rock’n’Roll Puppet
6 Busking

1 Big
2 Mother Nature
3 Last Day of Sorrow
4 That Part of the Show
5 Charlie Boy
6 Evolution
7 Carry On

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